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Independent Professional Advice-Stuctured Settlement Factoring 

Before selling the rights to your future structured settlement payments it is in your best interest to receive Independent Professional Advice (IPA). 

The IPA will assure that you, the Annuitant (seller), receive a fair market value from the factoring company (buyer), and that the transaction is in your best interest.  Some states require the factoring company to reimburse the seller for the cost of the IPA.  An IPA costs an average of $500, but, J. Scott Avery, CPA & Co.’s cost is usually much less.

We have reviewed offers and advised dozens of people who have chosen to sell their rights to receive future payments for cash they need now.  We would very much like to have the opportunity to assist and advise you if you are considering such a transaction. 

All it takes is a phone call from you.  The call is free.  The advise may be invaluable.  Please call Scott Avery at 317-297-1110. 

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